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  Quote: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” - Albert Einstein.


Public Speaking And Links




Below is a list of my current speaking engagements



Radio and TV appearances

I have been fortunate enough to contribute, both as a guest and a consultant, to many TV documentaries dealing with the paranormal commissioned by the BBC TV, ITV, Polish TV, The Discovery Channel and The History Channel plus several independent TV production companies both in the UK and USA. I have also appeared as a guest on many international radio and television shows dealing with the paranormal and UFOlogy, including the prestigious

  • Gardiner’s World on Sky TV Ch 200,

  • Mark Nelson’s ‘Positively Psychic’,

  • November Hanson’s ‘Voice of the People Radio’,

  • Marla Brooks ‘Stirring the Cauldron’,

  • Dayna Winters ‘ISIS Paranormal’,

  • Preston Dennett’s ‘UFO’s and The Paranormal Radio’,

  • Allan Holender’s ‘Late Night Conversations’,

  • Ross Hemsworth’s ‘Now, That’s Weird’

  • ‘The Jeff Rense Show’.


Public Speaking Topics

In addition to media appearances, I also give regular presentations on a variety of subjects at UFO and paranormal themed conferences across the UK, such as the ‘Probe International’ conference, The ‘Now That’s Weird’ conference, ‘The Gathering’ in Edinburgh and ‘Weird ’09’ in Warminster. I have contributed articles for ‘Fortean Times’, ‘The Glasgow Herald’ ‘UFOdata Magazine’ and ‘Alien Worlds’ etc, etc. I have also been commissioned to write several scripts specifically for DVD documentaries dealing with the occult and other esoteric subjects; all of them have already been released or are currently in production. In addition to this I have recently been featured in two documentaries and contributed a chapter to the forthcoming major literary work ‘The Ancient Code’.




Some of My Links To Others

Clear Air Turbulence Paranormal Podcast

August 2010 -Speaking at the Weird Conference 10



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