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  Quote: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” - Albert Einstein.


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I Cast Thee Out

I Cast Thee Out

Pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN# 978-1-907126-15-4

Introduction, by Brian Allan

In the course of researching material for this book I was confronted with a multitude of almost unbelievable and differing nuances of opinion and belief when dealing with the subject of demonic or Satanic possession.

These took the form of everything from a simple faith in saints and demons espoused by the early, especially medieval Christians, to supposed vampires and the largely self-appointed slayers who take it upon themselves to rid us of these supernatural hybrids. Since vampirism is also arguably a form of possession by an evil spirit, it dovetails easily with the more conventional model. These beliefs acted as a kind of two-way filter, both feeding and evolving into the infinitely greater sophistication and borderline charlatanry of what passes for Christianity in some supposedly Christian schisms in the modern world and there are more of these than one might think.

As far as those who become possessed and are deemed to be in need of exorcism go, there is no defining personality type, because the individuals who display the traditional signs of apparent demonic possession can be either devoutly religious or have no religious affiliations whatsoever. As with mental illness the person may seem absolutely fine on the outside, but this gives no clue as to what is going on inside. This has been likened to a moving vehicle where externally all appears as it should be, but the observer has no idea who (or what) is driving it; usually until it’s too late, which is why mental illness and possession often appear virtually identical in nature.

To be sure, there are still many extremely pious and genuine people out there who successfully challenge perceived evil spirits and by their lights wrestle ‘that old serpent’ Satan to the ground on an almost daily basis. However, there are also individuals and groups of individuals who, although loudly and vociferously proclaiming their 10 scriptural credentials, have an altogether much darker agenda which, they claim, is also founded on biblical principles. It is among these groups that we will find the most appalling, shameless, devious and dangerous hypocrisy imaginable. Despite this, like the genuine souls of medieval times, they practise various forms of exorcism and deliverance on the road to their usually expensive version of salvation. They continue to proliferate and grow because their right to do so is enshrined in the American constitution; in God we trust indeed.

Although belief in demonic possession (or possession by evil spirits, the two are usually synonymous) exists in almost every faith be it mono or polytheistic, because the remedies are very similar for the sake of clarity and simplicity I have chosen to concentrate on the Christian version. One thing that will become increasingly clear is that there is little or no difference between the phenomena supposedly manifested by these individuals in the name of God and traditional magick and sorcery. It also becomes clear that there exists a primal energy that is neither good nor bad; the end product lies entirely in the hands of the user and this holds true irrespective of the era. I should emphasise from the outset that I have no intentions of either causing or giving offence, but only to inform and hopefully offer alternative ways of viewing traditional and long held beliefs.

Some of these beliefs were adapted from much older traditions into the developing churches and have continued to flourish in that form. However, some religious schisms are trying to present these ancient teachings and techniques as something quite new when they are not, and in the course of this book, we look at how this has been done. I should add that some of the source material the book draws from was written in much simpler times when the ‘truth’ was very much the work of earnest people with an agenda to pursue, but I have tried to allow for that; hopefully I succeeded.

Finally, where appropriate I have used the spelling ‘magick’ when referring to genuine practitioners and examples of this most rarefied art to differentiate between stage illusions and genuine examples of thaumaturgy.

The recent interest in all things supernatural has made Brian Allan's excellent new offering a very timely one. I Cast Thee Out is gripping from the start, as the author shares his own astonishing personal encounter with exorcism. He also provides an account of demonic possession and exorcism both ancient and modern, which will be an important new resource for those with an interest in this alarming, yet badly misunderstood phenomenon.

William Downie, author of The September-11 Code

As a medium it rare to encounter the phenomenon of poltergeists and possession and when Brian Allan invited me to help with the case in Mexico described in this book I jumped at the chance. However, paranormal events are not always as straightforward as they first seem and, correspondingly, this particular case turned into something alarming, strange and very difficult to deal with.

                                                  Patrick McNamara, Physical Medium

In this, the latest installment of Brian Allan’s tireless quest to discover a Unified Theory of the Paranormal, he explores possession and exorcism, the two darkest and most terrifying facets of our interactions with otherworld entities. ‘I Cast Thee Out’ encapsulates the evolution of Demonic Possession from its ancient Shamanic roots to terrifying modern exorcisms which underpin our understanding of these very real and destructive energies. Read it if you dare!"

   Richard T Cole, author of Crystal Clear and Another Kind of Darkness

Without doubt I, found this book, I Cast Thee Out, to be a fascinating well written insight into the often deemed taboo subject of the paranormal, which, among its many attributes, offers good insight based on both personal research and experience. A superbly written book and one which I found once started, hard to put down.

                                                     Don Phillips, founder, GSI Paranormal

The author is a very experienced and broadminded investigator, who has taken an objective approach to a singularly difficult and controversial subject. As a theologian, a Priest and an exorcist, I find his work very impressive and recommend it without hesitation. Whatever the nature and source of evil may eventually turn out to be, I believe that the power of Good exceeds it and can always overcome it.

               Lionel Fanthorpe, BA (Hons.), FCP, FCIM, FRSA, Cert. Ed.


The Dark Messiah


Pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN# 978-1907126-10-9

As usual Brian Allan looks at old problems, not just through a new lens of understanding, but through a new prism: a prism which breaks down old paradigms to filter them into a variety of possibilities and new interpretations of data. The study of comparative religion receives a much needed update within the pages of this book, which examines the relationships and archetypes common between religion and mystical/magickal traditions with a depth and insight not seen since fellow Scotsman Sir James George Fraser’s ‘The Golden Bough’. Naturally the modern terms ‘paranormal’ and ‘Fortean’  fall well within the purview this thoughtful and insightful study of the unseen nayure of consciousness and its relationship to reality. Frazer, Sir Walter Scott and Rev Robert Kirk would no doubt be proud of this monumental work by a modern son of Scotland.




Pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN# 987-1-907126-05-5

Brian Allan’s objective investigative skills, combined with a keen intellect that leaves no stone unturned in his examination of all things paranormal, is redefing the definitions and interpretations of all such phenomena. Consciousness itself is part of this mystery and rather than being a result of simple biological processes, seems to be tied into an electromagnetic super-spectrum that has simplistically been termed as ‘astral’, ‘spiritual’, or ‘the spirit world’. Brian’s research and insight into the case files detailed in this book makes this abundantly clear and all of the old paradigms are falling away or shifting aside, like doors concealing hidden passageways leading to even deeper mysteries...and perhaps answers.


Rosslyn, Between Two Worlds


2nd edition Pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN# 978-1-907126-09-3

This unique book presents startling new evidence suggesting that there is a very real and breathtaking secret hidden within the structure of the now, near legendary, Rosslyn Chapel situated near Edinburgh in Scotland. There are two versions of what the Chapel really is; the official line insists that the Chapel is noting more than a place of simple piety and worship, while the other version is a much more esoteric shadow interpretation holding immense implications for humanity. In the book the author reveals that the Chapel is, in reality, a spiritual machine designed to transcend the dimensions and how it also contains the encoded information on how to achieve this.


The Hole in The Sky

Hole in Sky

Pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN 987-1-907126-11-6

In this exciting new book, the author, paranormal investigator Brian Allan describes ,analyses, interprets and compares many near identical anomalous phenomena, both in the UK and in the USA, that could be interpreted as evidence that a ‘hole in the sky’ – a bizarre parting of the veil between the material world and the world of strange phenomena exists and also speculates on the conditions under which it might form. The variety of unusual and bizarre phenomena chronicled here is impressive, but the author, (who personally investigated the cases and interviewed the experiencers) successfully guides us through the pitfalls of these exotic realms, revealing many fascinating possibilities along the way.



Robin Hood: From the Darkwood to Hollywood

Robin hood

pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN# 978190712604-8,

Robin Hood is probably the most legendary and well known character in the world. His exploits have been seen across the world in books, films, TV shows and even computer games. But what is the truth about this enigmatic man: Russell Crowe (and others) have played the fictional movie character expertly, but the REAL Robin Hood is far more exciting, shadowy and mysterious figure than any fantastical Hollywood film.

Did Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the outlaws ever really exist?

Where and why did these amazing tales actually originate?

What is the incredible, magickal truth behind the legend and myth?

In this astonishing book, the renowned author and researcher Brian Allan, along with the best-selling author and award winning filmmaker Philip Gardiner travel back in time into the very heart of this timeless tale of the Hooded Man. Travelling back thousands of years they unlock the mystery and myth and reveal through previously undiscovered links how the Hood myth emerged from the arcane knowledge of the stars. The truth is, as always, much more fascinating than the myth.


The Heretics: Past and Present


Pub 'O' Books ISBN# 978-1-84694-309-6

 The occult, the paranormal, UFOs and aliens, the weird and wonderful are all covered in this remarkable and insightful book with new angles on the old ideas that are only now coming to the fore in modern science. Brian Allan has spent decades going where other researchers fear to tread and asks the really difficult questions. Now, in this all-encompassing book he discovers the depths of those our religious ancestors called ‘heretics’. There was much more to their often seemingly strange language, there was insight in those peculiar rituals; there was truth locked away in those arcane ideas. The problem was that this truth flew in the face of the official line…and that was anathema to the authorities. This book is an absolute must for any serious researcher of the paranormal, an essential requirement for the UFO believers and a fantastic first port of call for those still lost o the esoteric highway of life.


The Barriers of Belief


Pub Hidden Mysteries ISBN# 0-9786249-3-9

In another groundbreaking book, Scottish researcher, lecturer, scriptwriter and broadcaster, Brian J Allan, sets out several instances where human beings have encountered entities that could, depending entirely upon the era, context and religious beliefs of the witness, be interpreted as either aliens or angels. He successfully demonstrates in both the case files and investigative follow-ups that these entities are not necessarily terrestrial, or indeed extraterrestrial, in origin, but nevertheless they have probably been present as our invisible companions for as long as mankind has walked the face of the planet. They are the ghosts, poltergeists and other visitors from the ‘otherworld’ that have bedevilled every race and civilisation since the beginning of time and the reader will soon become aware that they may even had had their own previously unsuspected encounters. This thought provoking work will also challenged many deeply held beliefs regarding on the nature of religion and folklore and how the two have become irretrievably intermingled.







The Believers

The Believers 

Pub Hidden Mysteries ISBN# 0-9800-486-7-4


In this, Brian Allan latest book, we see the next step in a logical progression of continual research and inquiry. Are the spiritual and religious matters espouse by hmaiity intimately connected t, or part of, the paranormal and anomalous realm? If so, is this part of grater reality which is not only quantum in the micro and macro-level, but also a strange source of manipulative intelligence which is infinitely greater than our own? Some people seen destined to be used by these manipulative forces for destructive ends: others seen doomed to be dupes. The Author examines all of this with his characteristically crisp intellect and rapier wit and, as always, his research is factually impeccable. This is a very important book and one that should reside on the shelves of every student of mythology, Forteanism, Ufology and the paranormal, for each of these apparently disparate elements is part of an infinitely greater whole.


‘The View from the Abyss’

View From The Abyss

The title of this book, which was suggested by the following incredibly perceptive and powerful comment made by the German philosopher, Wilhelm Nietzsche, ‘Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster and gaze not into the Abyss, for the Abyss gazes also into you’, examines many of the bizarre phenomena that are currently defined as ‘paranormal’ or ‘supernatural’. The book successfully demonstrates that, along with magic, this convoluted subject may be an example of a misunderstood and forgotten technology. It might even be a technology that stopped working simply because we stopped believing that it would or could.

Through chapters detailing startling and frequently terrifying real life case files personally investigated by the author, plus accompanying in-depth explanatory chapters suggested by individual cases. The book attempts to rationalise this vexed area of research using the breathtaking implications suggested by experiments in quantum physics and effectively demonstrates that many of the discoveries made in this cutting edge scientific discipline exactly mirror the often-terrifying facets of paranormal phenomena. The book has been independently recommended by one reviewer as a vital resource for the serious researcher.

The View From The Abyss, pub TGS Hidden Mysteries, IBSN 1-4241-1933-2


'The Rosslyn Frequency DVD'





Now available as a DVD film entitled ‘The ‘Rosslyn Frequency’ produced and distributed by ‘Reality Entertainment’ and directed by the internationally respected documentary film maker and author, Philip Gardiner.

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